Sarah is a Solicitor at Freeclaim Solicitors, having joined the firm in 2016. She has over 5 years’ experience in serious injury claims, helping clients and giving them the support and expertise they need to bring a successful claim.

Sarah has experience dealing with a wide range of catastrophic and serious injury claims. This includes helping people after they have sustained complicated lower limb injuries, fatal accidents, spinal cord injuries and cases involving chronic pain.

Sarah also has extensive experience helping people who have sustained a brain injury. Brain injury cases can be extremely complex, and Sarah has legal expertise in this area as well as being able to provide the support and care to both the injured person and their family. Sarah also has experience helping families after a loved one has lost capacity as a result of their brain injury.

Sarah advocates early treatment and rehabilitation for her clients in order that they make the best recovery possible. She has assisted clients in accessing a wide range of rehabilitation needs, from physiotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, to in-patient rehabilitation for complex injuries including physical and neuropsychological therapy.

Sarah believes it is important to build a rapport with her clients and their families and always gains a good understanding of her clients’ individual needs in order to ensure the correct treatment and rehabilitation pathway is put into place to assist with the best possible outcome.

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