Claiming Compensation After A Slip, Trip Or Fall In A Shop, Restaurant or Business

Owners and occupiers of commercial premises such as shops, restaurants and other businesses have a duty of care to ensure that their property is a safe space for customers and clients with no hazards or risks. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and accidents do happen, with customers slipping or falling because of wet floors, unmarked steps or obstacles on the floor when out shopping or enjoying a meal.

A slip, trip or fall can sometimes result in serious injury including broken bones and spinal injury and can cause ongoing problems for the victim. After a slip, trip or fall, you could be forced to take time off work, make adjustments to your life and daily routine, which can affect you, your family and your quality of life. If the accident was not your fault, you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Freeclaim Solicitors have a specialist team of slip, trip and fall solicitors who will treat you with compassion and respect, whilst fighting for the compensation you deserve.

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Making a Slip, Trip Or Fall Claim

Accidents can happen very quickly, and as such it can be difficult to remember exactly what happened. The main priority is to ensure you are ok and seek medical attention.

To help with evidence, if you are able to, try and make sure you take photographs of where you tripped (from different angles, showing any spillages with no warning signs for example), full details of the business owner, details of witnesses and also ensure the accident is logged in an accident book.

Although no amount of money can fully make up for the loss of your health and wellbeing, the compensation you receive can make up for any financial losses caused by your accident, as well as paying for medical expenses, physiotherapy and other treatments to get you on the road to recovery.

Common Slips, Trips Or Falls

As you can see from our case studies below, our specialist team of solicitors have more than 30 years’ experience winning compensation for victims of slips, trips and falls in commercial premises.

Some of the more common claims include:

  • Slips on wet surfaces caused by cleaning, leakages or other slippery materials
  • Slips on spilled or loose products in supermarkets
  • Slips on spills and food in restaurants, cafes and leisure centres
  • Tripping over merchandise in shops
  • Trips on uneven floors
  • Trips on unmarked steps
  • Trips and falls caused by inadequate lighting
  • Trips at work
  • Kerb and pothole accidents

How We Can Help

If you or a loved one has suffered injury after a slip or trip, contact Freeclaim Solicitors for a free, no-obligation consultation to see if we can help you with your compensation claim.

Freeclaim Solicitors will be with you every step of the way, using our 30 years of experience to fight for the maximum amount of compensation. We will take your case on a no win, no fee basis so that there’s no financial risk to you. You will be kept informed throughout every stage and we will treat you with respect and compassion.

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Slip, Trip Or Falls Compensation Case Studies

Here are just a few examples of slip, trip or fall compensation claims in shops, restaurants and businesses we have dealt with:

  • Mr H fell down some steps when he was leaving a bar. There was no handrail on the steps, which caused him to lose his balance and fall. He landed on his hip and sustained a fracture. He successfully claimed £8,000 in slip, trip and fall accident compensation.
  • Mr H received £25,000 in compensation when he slipped on spilt diesel on a petrol station forecourt. He fell and landed on his right knee. He has ongoing problems with his knee and a previous medical condition which was exacerbated by the fall.
  • Mrs S tripped over carpet whilst attending a private function at a golf club. The carpet was uneven, causing her shoes to become caught and make her fall. She sustained injury to both of her knees in the fall and as a result experiences ongoing pain and discomfort. She received over £9,000 in personal injury compensation.