Slip and Trip Claims on a Road or Highway

Accidents arising from trips, slips and falls on roads or streets are very common. Every year, thousands of people make a trip or slip claim after being injured in a public place. Most claims are due to broken or uneven pavements, kerbs or potholes on the road.

Local Authorities and Councils have a duty to ensure that pavements and public highways and roads are safe for public use. They also have a duty to ensure that pavements and roads are maintained in a reasonable condition.

Trips, slips and falls mainly occur on public footpaths and pavements or on wet floors in public spaces. However, as specialist personal injury solicitors, we can also help if you suffered a trip, slip or fall in a shop or a fall on private property.

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Trips, slips and falls can be a complex area of personal injury law. Therefore if you have suffered an injury, you should consult experienced personal injury solicitors for legal advice. We have over 30 years’ experience and have an excellent success rate. We also make sure you always know the status of your slip claim and will keep you updated regularly.