Slips and Trip Accident at Work Claims

Slips and trips in workplaces happen all too often. They are usually accidents that could have been easily preventable. All employers should undertake a full risk assessment of all areas of the workplace, including the risks of slipping or tripping.

They should also ensure that all surfaces are appropriate for the job and where risks are possible, use preventative methods. For example, on slippery flooring, anti slip mats could be introduced, or alternatively, anti slip shoes could be issued to employees. Likewise, all employees should be aware of any risks that they might put other employees at, such as not cleaning up spillages after themselves.

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Slip and trip hazards in the workplace

Slips and trips in the workplace can be as a consequence of many things. Here are a few examples of how workplace accidents can happen:

  • Inadequate or inappropriate flooring
  • Incorrect footwear being worn
  • Spillages and debris left on the floor
  • Weather conditions affecting surfaces
  • Trailing wires across floors and walkways
  • Wrong cleaning products used leading to slippery surfaces

A slip or trip at work can lead to injury being sustained by an employee. This could range from relatively minor injuries, such as sprained muscles, to much more serious spinal and head injuries.

Slips and trip accidents at work were the most common cause of major injuries to employees in 2012/13. There were also over 24,000 slips and trip accidents reported in 2012/13.

Accident at work claims with Freeclaim Solicitors

It is important that you speak to an experienced work injury claims solicitor if you have sustained injury after a trip or slip. At Freeclaim Solicitors, we have specialist accident at work solicitors with many years experience dealing with these claims. We’ll give you legal advice and guide you through the process of claiming compensation after an accident at work.

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What’s more, all our slip and trip accidents at work claims are dealt with on a no win no fee basis, so there’s no financial risk to you. Plus, you cannot be dismissed for making a claim against your employer. By law they have to have insurance covering them for employee accidents, so it would be their insurance company that would pay any damages.

Slip and Trip Accident at Work Claims Case Studies

  • Miss N tripped over some wires when she was working at an airport in baggage control. The wires were exposed due to the tape over them having worn away, causing her to trip and fall, sustaining injury to her knees and ribs. Freeclaim Solicitors were successful in claiming £3,515 in accident at work compensation.
  • Mr D slipped on a metal ramp gaining access to a large freezer unit whilst at work. The ramp had previously been painted with non slip paint, but this had since worn away. Our client suffered from a whiplash injury due to the nature of his fall. He received over £8,000 in compensation for his claim.
  • Our specialist accident at work solicitors helped Mr D claim nearly £7,000 in compensation after an accident at work. He fell when he got his foot caught in shrink wrap that should have been cleared away. He had to undergo surgery for nerve damage in his finger and also sustained soft tissue injuries to his ribs.
  • Mrs C slipped in a staff canteen when she was working in a bakery. She slipped in a pool of water that was on the floor due to a fault with a water fountain. She sustained injury and received £10,000 in accident at work compensation.