Orthopaedic Injury Claims

Serious orthopaedic injuries change lives. They don’t just affect the victim but also the loved ones that they have around them. Their suffering causes extreme distress and their condition may require longer term care and rehabilitation.

It is vital that anyone who has suffered a serious orthopaedic injury is represented by a specialist solicitor. Our serious injury lawyers have a wealth of experience in helping clients recover their rightful compensation and help put their lives back on track.

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Typical severe injuries include severe fractures, ligament damage, tendon damage and nerve damage which can cause loss of use of a limb and on occasions amputation.

After a serious orthopaedic injury or traumatic accident to our complex musculoskeletal system, our bodies require timely diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation to prevent further degeneration and arthritis. Without correct treatment, rehabilitation therapies and medication, serious orthopaedic injuries can have life-long consequences such as chronic pain, fibromyalgia and reflex sympathetic dystrophy.

If you’ve suffered serious orthopaedic injuries in an accident that was not your fault, talk to our serious injury lawyers today. Freeclaim Solicitors can help you to win your compensation claim and also ensure you receive the correct rehabilitation.

Our serious orthopaedic injury compensation lawyers

Because of the many variables involved in serious orthopaedic injury compensation claims, they can be extremely complex. Importantly, our serious injury lawyers have more than 30 years’ of experience in dealing with the complexities of serious orthopaedic injuries claims.

We have specialist solicitors who are able to lend practical advice and support so that, in the first place, the injured person’s financial needs are met. Our serious injury lawyers will then put in place a rehabilitation programme designed to put the victim back in the position they were in before the accident, as far as possible.

We have concluded many high value settlements involving serious orthopaedic injuries and recovered millions of pounds of damages in compensation.

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