Burn Injury Claims

Burns and scalds are very painful injuries. The immediate and long term effects of burns are extremely traumatic. Severe burns can cause permanent scarring and nerve and muscle damage and may even lead to a limb being amputated.

If you have suffered a burn or scald injury due to someone else’s fault, you may be able to make a claim. We have specialist solicitors who are experienced in dealing with traumatic burn injury claims.

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Causes of burn injuries

Many burn injuries are caused by faulty products (such as hair straighteners) or accidents at work. The most common burn injury claims involve:

  • Burns from heat or cold
  • Burns from electricity
  • Burns from chemicals
  • Friction burns
  • Burns from radiation

Types of burn injuries

Burn injuries are usually classified by TBSA: Total Body Surface Affected.

  •  1st degree burns are more superficial and affect only the outer layer of the skin. The skin is rarely affected in the longer term. Minor sunburn is an example and cold compresses along with cooling ointments are normally used to treat the skin.
  • 2nd degree burns are more serious and quite painful. Deeper layers of the skin are affected and the skin will become red, blistered and swollen.
  • 3rd degree burns are more serious and can be referred to as “full thickness” burns and seriously damage the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin. As the skin is completely burned away, damage may also be caused to the tendons, ligaments and muscles beneath.

3rd degree burn injuries tend to be caused by coming into contact with hot scalding liquid, flames, chemicals or due to electrical accidents. In more serious cases, skin grafts may be required.

About burn injury compensation claims

If you’ve suffered a burn injury or serious scald injury due to someone else’s negligence, we can advise you on making a claim for compensation and help by putting you in contact with trusted plastic surgeon experts who can advise on treatment.

We have specialist serious burn injury solicitors who have dealt with many burn injury claims and understand both the emotional and physical distress such injuries cause. With over 30 years’ experience, we can help with a variety of burn injury claims arising from car accidents, accidents at work, chemical accidents, burn injury claims due to faulty goods, aviation accidents and burn injuries caused by hot liquid spillages.

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