Motorbike Accident Claims

Motorbikes make up just 1% of the vehicles on UK roads, yet are involved in around 19% of all road traffic accidents. This discrepancy shows that, whilst exhilarating, a motorbike can be a dangerous mode of transport, especially when you consider that 7,000 motorcyclists who are involved in accidents each year suffer serious head injuries after an accident.

Because of the serious nature of motorcycle accidents, we would always advise that you speak to solicitors who are experienced in motorcycle accident claims. Therefore if you’ve been involved in a motorbike accident that was not your fault, call us today. Rest assured we have over 30 years’ experience and can help you make a successful claim for the compensation you deserve.

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How we can help

At Freeclaim Solicitors we understand that the effects of motorbike accidents can be life-changing,  especially when involving a head or brain injury and sometimes resulting in chronic problems that stop the victim from working or going about their day-to-day activities.

With nearly 15% of all motorcyclists involved in accidents suffering a serious head injury, an award of compensation can be a vital lifeline in lessening the financial implications on you and your family should you require long-term care or treatment.

Making a motorbike accident compensation claim will also help you access earlier treatment and support services. At Freeclaim Solicitors we look carefully at your needs after the accident to help with early treatment and emotional and physical support.

Compassionate and supportive, Freeclaim Solicitors will always push for the maximum amount of compensation and ensure you have all of the help you need on the road to a quicker recovery.

In two recent case studies, our motorbike accident compensation solicitors have helped injured clients claim nearly £4 million in damages. Our lawyers not only have the expertise in serious injury claims, but also the compassion to understand the needs of the victim and their family.

Making a motorbike accident claim

Anyone involved in a motorbike accident that was not their fault (or even if you were partly at fault) may be entitled to claim compensation. These cases can be complex, as the Defendant will seek to allege some negligence on the part of the motorcyclist.  However, our experienced solicitors will advise you on the claim and have the complex legal knowledge to confidently handle your motorbike accident claim to a just conclusion.

When you make a claim, we’ll take into account the severity of the injuries sustained, medical expenses, travel expenses, alterations to your daily routine, loss of earnings and the repair or replacement of your motorbike and other essential items such as leathers and helmets – plus anything else relevant to your case.

Along with any information you provide to us about your accident, we’ll gather evidence from witnesses and liaise with the police to build your case. We understand that a motorbike accident is very different from a car accident and, where necessary, we’ll also speak to experts to give engineering and reconstructive information about your particular situation.

Our aim is not only to make a successful claim, but also to get you better and back on your bike as soon as we can.

As specialist personal injury and accident lawyers, we dedicate ourselves to providing an outstanding service that is tailored to your claim.

Remember it costs nothing to make an enquiry and all our cases are handled on a no win no fee basis, so there’s no financial risk to you.

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Common motorbike accident claims

Freeclaim Solicitors have helped to successfully claim compensation for a variety of motorbike accidents, but the most common types of claim are:

  • Accidents involving a motorist or other road user.
  • Accidents caused by potholes, damaged road surfaces, spillages or objects in the road.

Motorbike accidents can also happen for a variety of other reasons with some of the most usual including:

  • Accidents caused by poor weather conditions.
  • Accidents due to poor visibility.
  • Accidents at major junctions or roundabouts.

In any of these and other cases, there has to be negligence on the part of another road user or the local authority in order for you to be eligible to make a claim. We will thoroughly investigate your accident to establish if you are.

Freeclaim Solicitors has an expert team with over 30 years’ experience of winning motorbike accident compensation for clients.

We are recommended by the Legal 500 and are members of Headway’s Brain Injury Panel, so you can be confident that we have the right knowledge and expertise to handle your claim.

We’ll always go the extra mile to get you the compensation you deserve.

You can contact us for our free, impartial advice today with no obligation to proceed – call 0800 612 7340.

Motorbike accident claims case studies

Here are just a few examples of motorcycle accident claims we have dealt with:

  • Mr H sustained serious injuries to his arm and leg after a motorbike accident. Although there was significant contributory negligence, Freeclaim Solicitors successfully settled the case based upon a total valuation of £900,000.
  • Mr B received over £25,000 motorbike accident compensation after he was hit when a car pulled out. Our client suffered two fractured bones in his neck and several broken ribs resulting in a collapsed lung, and he was subsequently off work for six months. Even though the police tried to charge our client with a driving offence (which was later dropped) and the Defendant’s insurers tried to allege speeding, Freeclaim motorcycle lawyers fought hard and successfully settled the case.
  • Mr W received £29,000 in motorbike accident compensation after he was knocked off his motorcycle when another car driver turned across his path. He sustained a serious fracture to his wrist and was off work for several months.
  • Mr K collided with an oncoming car when he was riding an off-road child’s motorcycle. He was riding without lights or a helmet. Liability was vigorously denied by the Defendants. However our motorbike accident lawyers successfully argued that the car driver was partly to blame.