Cycling Accident Claims

Cycling has many benefits, both on our health and the environment, yet there is an element of danger involved when cycling along Britain’s roads.

Cyclists are significantly less visible on the road than vehicles and unfortunately many road users do not always check for cyclists – which can often result in serious accidents and injuries. It can also cause irreparable damage to cycling equipment that can be expensive to replace.

If you’ve been involved in a cycle accident that was not your fault, our experienced solicitors can help make a cycle accident compensation claim.

At Freeclaim Solicitors, we understand that cycling accidents can have devastating effects, sometimes leaving long-term injuries that can prevent you from working or going about your day-to-day life.

As cyclists are are more vulnerable than other road users, injuries can often require extensive treatment, rehabilitation and ongoing support. Making a compensation claim can help to speed up the treatment process and can also lessen the financial burden and the strain on you and your family for any longer term care needs.

With this in mind, Freeclaim Solicitors will always fight for your needs, including fighting for the maximum amount of compensation you deserve and also ensuring that you get early access to treatment and both physical and emotional support. Our aim is to help you along the way and get you back in the saddle as soon as possible.

For a free consultation to discuss your claim and how we can help, call free on 0800 612 7340. You can also start your cycle accident compensation claim online.

Making a cycling accident claim

Anyone involved in a cycling accident through no fault of their own could be entitled to claim compensation (or even if they are partly to blame). This can include cycle accident claims caused by other road users as well as those caused by defective road surfaces.

To help us to build your case, it is important that you obtain any supporting evidence you can at the time of the accident. If you are involved in an accident with a motorist you should:

  • Take the name, phone number and insurance details from the driver.
  • Take a note of the vehicle’s registration number.
  • Take any pictures of the accident and surrounding area.
  • If possible, take the names and numbers of any witnesses.
  • Contact the police as soon as possible and obtain a reference number.
  • Seek medical advice for your injuries by visiting the nearest Emergency Department or your doctor.

If your accident was in a public place, caused by a pothole, defective pavement or damaged road surface, we advise that you should:

  • Take photographs of the pothole or damaged surface, using a shoe or pen to demonstrate the scale. Do this as soon as possible as the local authority may repair the pothole quickly once they find out that a claim is being made.
  • Take photographs of the surrounding area and direction of travel.
  • Ask anyone nearby (including shopkeepers etc.) if there have been any complaints about the pothole or defective surface.
  • Take the names and numbers of any witnesses.
  • Seek medical advice for your injuries by visiting the nearest Emergency Department or your doctor.

In either case, if your bicycle or cycling equipment has been damaged, remember to keep photographic evidence and written evidence of any quotes for repairs or replacements or receipts.

As specialist bicycle accident claims solicitors, we have a track record of success in helping clients claim the compensation they deserve. Remember, all cases are handled on a no win no fee basis, so there’s no financial risk to you.

For expert legal advice on your cycle accident compensation claim, contact Freeclaim Solicitors today. It costs nothing to enquire and all calls are completely confidential. Call us on 0800 612 7340 or fill in our online cycle accident claims form.

Cycle accident compensation – What can I claim for?

There are various aspects that you can claim cycle accident compensation for, such as:

  • Injuries sustained as a result of the accident.
  • Bicycle repairs/replacements.
  • Damage to other cycling property e.g. helmets.
  • Loss of wages due to injury leaving you unable to work.
  • Additional travel costs such as taxi fares if you have had to use alternative transport as a result of your accident.
  • Care costs or time spent caring for you by relatives, friends or professionals.
  • Private medical treatment and rehabilitation.

It is important that you speak to our expert solicitors as soon as you can after your accident. This helps us to not only build the best possible case but also look to help with early treatment (both emotionally and physically) so you will have a better chance of recovering more quickly.

Cycling accident claims case study examples

Here are just a few examples of road accident claims we have dealt with:

  • Freeclaim Solicitors successfully claimed £3,150 compensation for our client who sustained injury when he was knocked off his bike by an overtaking car. Due to temporary road works closing the opposite lane, the car tried to overtake along a single lane. There was not enough room, and as a result our client was knocked from his bike and sustained injuries to his eye, requiring stitches, as well as his ribs.
  • Our client was cycling along a pavement, when a car pulled out of a driveway onto the pavement, striking him. He sustained nasty injuries to his right calf and was left with permanent scarring. Despite the fact he was cycling on the pavement, Freeclaim Solicitors argued his case and secured him over £2,200 in cycling accident compensation.
  • Mr Q sustained injury when his bicycle’s front wheel hit a deep pothole when he was riding along a road. He was flung from the bicycle and went forward over the handlebars. He sustained whiplash injuries, as well as cuts and bruises to his knees and hands. Freeclaim cycling accident compensation solicitors helped him to receive £2,400 in compensation.
  • Mr P received over £4,400 cycling accident compensation after he was involved in a cycling accident with a car. He was riding in a cycling lane, heading to traffic lights. At the lights, he passed through as they were on green. A motorist turned left and collided with him, resulting in injuries to his head, shoulder and neck.

How we can help after a bicycle accident

Freeclaim Solicitors has a specialist cycle accident legal team with over 30 years’ experience of winning compensation for cyclists injured through no fault of their own. They also have proven experience in handling serious injury claims such as head and spinal injuries.

We will start by providing you with free, impartial advice on making a claim and the additional support we can offer. We will support you every step of the way, building your case and pushing for early treatment and the compensation you deserve.

We will always go that extra bit further for you, to ensure you’re back to full health and on your bike as soon as possible.

We’re recommended by the Legal 500 too, so you can be confident that we have the complex legal knowledge needed to handle your case.

Contact one of our cycling accident solicitors online or call today 0800 612 7340. All enquiries are free with no obligation. Thereafter all cycling accident claims are handled on a no win no fee basis so there is no financial risk to you.