Supermarket Accident Claims

Supermarket accident claims and accidents in shopping centres are all too common. If you’ve been injured, whether you are a worker or customer, we can advise you on making a claim for compensation.

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Common supermarket accident compensation claims

These accidents can be as a result of many things, but are commonly due to:

  • Slips on wet surfaces from leakages and wet floors due to leaks
  • Slips due to spillages of liquids or food
  • Trips over loose merchandise or loose packaging
  • Injuries caused by merchandise falling from shelves and causing injury
  • Injuries caused by unsafe displays, unstable shelving or unsafe cabling
  • Slips and trips in the car park of the supermarket or shopping centre
  • Escalator and lift accidents
  • Manual handling injuries sustained by shop workers

Supermarket accident claims – Duty of Care to Customers and Employees

Owners of supermarkets and shopping centres have a duty of care to maintain and inspect their property to ensure that they reach reasonable and safe standards. This includes ensuring spills are cleared quickly, wet floors are dried quickly with appropriate caution signs put up, and making sure packaging and cages for restocking are kept out of the way of customers.

In order for a compensation claim for personal injury to be successful, we would need to show that they have failed in this duty. Our accident solicitors are experts at building a case on your behalf, to show that your accident was a result of their failings.

If you have sustained injury in a supermarket or shop, call our specialist accident compensation solicitors today on 0800 612 7340 or fill in our online enquiry form. All enquiries are free and without obligation.

What’s more, your claim will be dealt with on a no win a fee basis, so there is no financial risk to you.

Supermarket Accident Compensation Claims – Case Studies

  • Mrs T slipped on a spillage of water that had not been cleaned up in a dairy aisle of a supermarket. She sustained a sprained ankle as a result of her fall. She received £4,850 in accident compensation.
  • Ms W received £3000 compensation after she hurt her eye at a self service checkout in a supermarket. She bent to pick up a dropped item from the floor when she struck her eye on a metal rod protruding from the checkout. She suffered blurred vision, headaches and a laceration to her eye lid.
  • Mr P tripped on a loose mat on the entrance floor of a supermarket. The mat was not secured to the floor and had several creases causing ridges on the surface. The claimant tripped over a ridge, lost his balance and fell on his knee. This resulted in damage to the knee and fluid on his spine touching a disc. He received £3,500 in compensation.
  • Miss B slipped on a chip in a supermarket and hurt her knee, whilst shopping in the baby aisle. It is thought it was a frozen chip and had defrosted, leaving a small pool of water around it. Liability was denied by the supermarket at first as they believed they had a sufficient cleaning procedure in place. After arguing causation, our specialist solicitors secured £4,500 accident compensation for our client.