Occupiers’ Liability Compensation Claims

There are many places people suffer an accident and illness each year. Large numbers of people are often injured or suffer illness whilst they are on someone else’s property. Hazards are all around us, in supermarkets, hotels, playgrounds, shops, on private property, or simply walking along the pavement. As specialist personal injury solicitors, we have over 30 years’ experience in occupiers’ liability  claims.

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Occupiers’ liability compensation claims are quite common. Defects to the property itself, or activity being carried out in the property can all lead to accidents happening. Stairs, for example, are a common cause of accidents in shops, businesses, restaurants and hotels etc.

All occupiers have a duty to ensure that their premises and land are safe. Negligence must be proved against the occupier for a compensation claim to succeed. Occupiers also have a duty to protect trespassers; therefore you may still be able to make a claim in certain circumstances where you did not have permission to be on the premises or land.

Common occupiers’ liability compensation claims

Some of the more common occupiers’ liability compensation claims we can help with include:

Why choose Freeclaim Solicitors for your occupiers’ liability claim?

Every occupier’s liability compensation claim is different and they can be quite varied and unique. We will give you straightforward advice and fight for every aspect of your claim to get you the best result.

All claims enquiries are free – we will offer you free advice with no obligation. Thereafter, we can help you with your claim on a no win no fee basis. If we do not win your case, you do not have to pay us a penny.

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Occupiers’ Liability Claims Case Studies

  • Ms S suffered psychological trauma when she received a needle stick injury in her new council house, which had been occupied previously by a known drug user. Freeclaim Solicitors successfully recovered £4,250.
  • Mr A received £3,000 in compensation after sustaining a soft tissue injury to his ankle following an accident on an unsafe football pitch whilst playing 5 a side football.
  • Ms J fell leaving an Indian restaurant, broke her ankle and later developed a blood clot. She received tens of thousands of pounds in compensation.
  • Mr C was awarded £5,500 in accident compensation after he suffered injuries from an assault in prison.