Faulty Goods Injury Compensation

Have you suffered a personal injury as a result of a defective or faulty product? Our faulty goods injury compensation solicitors can provide you with all the help and legal advice you need to claim compensation.

If you were injured and the injury was not your fault (i.e. you did not misuse the product), then it’s very likely you will have a faulty goods injury compensation claim. Whether it is a chair collapsing when you sit on it, an item of electrical equipment malfunctioning and burning you or even problems with specialist equipment such as diving gear and physical training equipment, we can advise you on making a claim.

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Types of faulty product claims

We have experience in many types of injury compensation claims due to dangerous or defective goods and products, including amongst others;

  • Cuts and bruises caused by faulty equipment and appliances
  • Damage to hair and scalp caused by products used in hairdressing salons or by hairdressers, including hair tongs, hair dryers, hair dye and bleaching equipment
  • Car accidents caused by faulty mechanic work
  • Injuries to children caused by playing with defective toys or toy cars
  • Injuries caused by exploding bottles or cylinders
  • Injuries caused by defective work equipment
  • Injuries caused by taking harmful or unsafe medicinal products
  • Injuries caused by unsafe medical devices including faulty contraceptive devices, cosmetic implants, including breast implants and defective hip joints
  • Injuries caused by defective home, electrical and garden products
  • Food poisoning, salmonella, e-coli or JCD caused by food products

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Defective Product Compensation Case Studies

Here are just a few examples of faulty goods injury compensation claims we have dealt with:

  • Ms T received £4,000 in accident compensation after she received a burn to her thigh from a microwave hot water bottle that melted.
  • Ms L was awarded £3,850 after her faulty goods accident compensation claim. She suffered an electric shock to her hand after using faulty hair straighteners.