School Accident Compensation Claims

Schools should be happy and safe spaces, but unfortunately, if badly managed, they can pose certain dangers, as with any public space. Many accidents at school happen on school grounds and at nurseries; however we can also help with accidents at colleges and universities.

Schools and other educational establishment occupiers have the same responsibility as any other who allow public access to their premises. Therefore if you or your child falls due to an obviously broken step which should have been repaired, or if your child falls from dangerous play equipment, you could have a claim for school accident compensation.

We have experience of handling claims on behalf of children who have sustained an injury at school, or teachers and visitors who have been injured as a result of school premises. Freeclaim have expert solicitors who can help you claim school accident compensation. We can give you expert no win no fee advice on making a compensation claim, which means there’s no risk and nothing to pay if you lose.

Common school accident compensation claims

Some of the most common accidents at school and other educational establishment claims include:

  • Slips and trips on school grounds or campus
  • Accidents caused by faulty equipment such as desks, chairs or play equipment
  • Sporting accidents resulting in personal injury

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We have over 30 years’ experience and have a track record of success when dealing with a variety of school accident claims on behalf of pupils, teacher and visitors.

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Accidents at School Compensation Case Studies

  • Miss C sustained injury at school when she slipped on wet muddy grass that she was walking on to avoid a large puddle of water on the path. She sustained a fractured wrist and claimed £3,000 compensation.
  • Mr M was electrocuted at school when a wire became exposed on a light up tracing board he was using. He sustained muscle damage to his arm and had trouble moving it as it became numb. The compensation awarded to him was £2,500.
  • Miss H fell out of bed at a special needs school and sustained bruising to her body and fractured a bone above her ankle. Her accident was a result of there being inadequate guards on the bed she was on, causing her to fall to the floor. She claimed £2,500 in compensation.
  • Miss P fractured her foot when she tripped over a mat that was not secured to the ground in a school playground. She received £4,500 in compensation for her accident.