What is a no win no fee claim?

No win no fee quite simply means that if your compensation claim is not successful, you do not have to pay a penny.

This type of accident claim presents the minimum of financial risk to claimants.

How do no win no fee claims work?

In a no win no fee agreement, solicitors who represent you will only take a fee at the end of the case. In the event of you losing your case, you will not be charged with legal fees if you do not receive the personal injury compensation you had hoped for.

Changes made by the Government in April 2013 means that solicitors can no longer recover their costs from the other party. The costs to cover their legal fees are now taken from your damages. The amount taken varies depending on the solicitors you work with.

Here are Freeclaim Solicitors, we cap our costs to a maximum of 25 percent of your total damages, subject to our usual terms and conditions.

How do I make a no win no fee claim?

Whether you are claiming for yourself, or on behalf of a family member, starting a no win no fee claim couldn’t be easier. Simply call our FREE helpline on 0800 912 9978 for a free consultation with no obligation. Our team of experienced solicitors will guide you through the process, managing the entire claim from start to finish.

Why choose us?

We operate only on a 100% no win no fee basis. We guarantee all of our clients that if their case is not successful, they will not have to pay us a penny.

We have outstanding legal expertise and most importantly we are completely independent. We act only in your best interests and we also champion many difficult and controversial personal injury claims that many solicitors will not take on.

Our focus is not just getting you the compensation you deserve, but to provide early treatment and rehabilitation. We will help tailor a personalised programme of treatment and support for you and your family, as well as working to secure funding for rehabilitation, treatment and ongoing support, helping you or a loved one rebuild your/their lives.

We have over 30 years’ experience and a track record of success handling high value and complex cases. In addition, all enquiries are confidential with no obligation. Your details will never be sold on to any third parties.

For a free, no obligation consultation, call our FREE hours helpline on 0800 912 9978.