A teacher has died of mesothelioma, a cancer associated with asbestos exposure, after working as a school teacher for 25 years. Marion Potts is thought to have developed the disease from exposure to asbestos in schools where she worked. Mrs Potts regularly pinned her pupils work up on the walls, releasing the asbestos and resulting in her developing the disease.

She had worked in many schools in her career and it is not clear where she will have come into contact with the asbestos. Mrs Potts’ husband sadly commented on his wife developing mesothelioma, “You usually associate the disease with dockers or those working in industrial jobs, not teachers. These buildings are 50 years old and asbestos will come out because kids are always running around, banging into things and people stick things in the wall. She was never made aware of these dangers”.

There are now calls to remove all asbestos from schools, as there are more than 140 teachers who have died following exposure to asbestos in schools over the past decade.

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Published: 10th December 2013