A man who rode high speed motorcycles for the police has successfully claimed compensation for noise induced hearing loss. Peter Hall was employed by the British Transport Police and worked in the motorbike unit based at Piccadilly Station. He was required to ride powerful motorbikes for the force for over a decade. As a result, he was exposed to high volume levels.

It was after retiring from the force that Mr Hall noticed he was having problems with his hearing. His hearing deteriorated and he developed tinnitus. After tests it was confirmed that the damage to his hearing was as a result of being exposed to noise whilst riding the motorbikes.

He was successful in his compensation claim as it was found that the British Transport Police had not provided their staff with the necessary protective equipment to avoid such damage happening.

Mr Hall commented saying. “All they had to do was provide us with regular hearing tests and the proper equipment. They didn’t do anything. Their attitude was, ‘just get the job done, we don’t care how, just do it’. We needed proper protection and to have our time on the bikes limited”.

Mr Hall received £6,500 in noise induced hearing loss compensation.

Claiming compensation for noise induced hearing loss

It is estimated that around 20,000 people are diagnosed with noise induced hearing loss every year in the UK. It is caused by noisy workplaces, commonly from working in factories and workshops, but can also be as a result of exposure to loud music in nightclubs and other workplaces where volume levels are high.

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Published: 12th June 2014