In a serious work accident, an employee at a tissue factory had to have the tips of two of his fingers amputated after trapping them in a machine. His fingers became trapped in a paper converting machine when he was trying to remove a blockage. Following the accident there was a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) inspection which found that the company had failed to provide adequate guards to stop employees accessing the moving parts of the machine. The machine was moved over to the factory from a previous location. The HSE Inspector commented: “This incident highlights the need to fully re-assess risks from machinery when it is moved from one site to another. Workers should not be injured trying to fix a problem. Having an effective guard on this part of the machine would have prevented this employee from suffering nasty injuries to his hand”.

Serious Work Accident Claims at Freeclaim Solicitors

At Freeclaim Solicitors, we have dealt with similar work injury claims. In one incident, our client lost 3 fingers and partially severed a thumb when his fingers became trapped in a reel fed machine in a paper works. Our serious work accident solicitors recovered over £200,000 in damages for his accident.

After an amputation, or any serious accident, it is crucial you speak with a specialist serious injury solicitor. At Freeclaim Solicitors we have experience dealing with serious work accidents and can help you claim compensation and aid you with rehabilitation after your accident.

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Published: 17th December 2013