Accidents in workplaces happen all the time. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) estimated there were around 646,000 people injured whilst at work in 2012-13. Although the number of workplace accidents are declining year on year, there are still too many serious accidents.

Freeclaim Solicitors, specialists in personal injury, have put together 10 tips to help both employers and employees stay safe whilst at work and avoid workplace accidents.

1. Look at all potential risks

Make sure you carry out a full risk assessment of any areas in the workplace, as well as any task that will be undertaken.

2. Keep records up to date

Risk assessments should be updated regularly and full records kept of health and safety measures within the business. Accident books should be fully completed and kept up to date.

3. Full training 

Training for all tasks and use of equipment should be given so all jobs can be carried out correctly and safely by employees.

4. Wear protective clothing and equipment

Any safety equipment provided should be used correctly and at all times.

5. Speak to your employees

Identify any concerns within the workforce and make changes to ensure potential accidents don’t happen.

6. Utilise any equipment available

For example when carrying or lifting heavy objects ensure you use cranes or forklifts, rather than manual labour.

7. Ensure all equipment is maintained

Any equipment should be replaced or repaired if faulty, and regular checks should be carried out to ensure it is working correctly and safely.

8. Regular breaks

Ensure workers take regular breaks, especially if they are operating heavy machinery, so they remain alert and have the high levels of concentration needed.

9. First aid

Staff members who are allocated first aiders should have the relevant, up to date training and should be easily available on site. First aid kits should be kept well stocked with all essential items.

10. Don’t put strain on your back

Avoid stooping for long periods of time and try not to twist too much. Place one foot in front of the other when lifting objects. Always ensure your back is straight, bend hips and knees, and keep arms and the object close to body.  Lift by straightening legs.

workplace accidents

workplace Accidents

workplace Accidents


At Freeclaim Solicitors, we have dedicated accident at work compensation lawyers, with the expertise to help you if you have been injured in your workplace. We have been helping clients claim the compensation they deserve for over 30 years.

Many people are worried about claiming compensation from their employers and concerned that they could lose their job. This is not the case. All employers must have insurance that will protect them should suffer an injury at work. It is the employer’s insurance company that will pay compensation and not your employer.

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