Controlling risks that may occur in a workplace is vital to ensure health and safety standards are kept at their highest, and the danger of an employee being injured whilst at work is reduced. Businesses should undertake a risk assessment of all the tasks being undertaken, to ensure that any risks and hazards are identified and steps are taken to minimise these risks.

Some workplaces are more dangerous than others and therefore an element of risk is always going to be present, but employers should introduce as many procedures and practices as possible to ensure that these risks are kept to a minimum and workers are protected. Precautions and procedures should be proportionate to the amount of risk, and employers should be sensible about what is likely to cause a problem, and potentially cause harm, should something happen.

Assessing risks within a workplace

In order to successfully assess all of the risks in a workplace it is important to consider several things. These include:

  • Establishing what hazards there are in the workplace.
  • Determining who may be at harm from these hazards and how.
  • Putting in place relevant precautions for any risks.
  • Documenting any findings so they can be referred to.
  • Evaluating and reviewing the assessments and updating them where necessary.

When considering a risk assessment, it is important to identify the differences between what is a hazard and what is a risk. A hazard is anything that could cause an accident, including dangerous substances, electricity, working from height, tripping hazards etc. A risk is the chance of this hazard causing harm to someone, as well as an indication of what this harm could be.

Claiming compensation after a workplace accident

If you have been injured in a workplace accident, due to risks not being adequately assessed, or relevant procedures being put in place, you may be able to claim accident at work compensation.

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