Over 50% (1105) of building sites visited by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) during a nationwide spot check safety campaign were found to have poor safety standards and dangerous practices which could cause serious accidents.

Not only did they find that a significant number had poor standards, 644 sites needed enforcement action to ensure the safety of the workers on site.

The Chief Inspector from HSE commented, “Through initiatives like this we are able to tackle underlying issues before they become established and we will continue to work with the industry in an effort to drive up standards…those who recklessly endanger the health and lives of their workforce can expect to face tough consequences.”

Work Accidents and falls from height

Among the most common issues found included safety concerns for builders working at height.

Many accidents at work involve falls from height. The Work at Height Regulations 2005 were introduced to offer protection to workers from such accidents. Employers must ensure they make every effort to avoid work at height where they can OR they must ensure they use work equipment and safety measures to prevent falls and minimise the risk of injury.

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The HSE also identified another common issue causing concern which was the exposure of workers to harmful dust in the workplace. There are strict laws surrounding asbestos. Anyone who is responsible for maintenance and repair of a commercial or industrial property has a legal duty to identify asbestos and manage the risk. Asbestos related diseases, including Mesothelioma, kill more people in the workplace than any other single workplace cause. Asbestos is highly dangerous when disturbed and breathing asbestos dust can cause serious lung damage and cancer.

Many people who have had indirect contact (for example through washing their spouse’s work clothes or where the dust has been brought into the family home on clothes, shoes etc.) may have a compensation claim, therefore it is crucial to speak to an experienced asbestos solicitor to discuss your circumstances and your illness.

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Published: 21st October 2013.