Accidents at work - airport

A man who lost an arm and a leg in an accident at Manchester Airport has been awarded £600,000 in workplace accident compensation. The man, who was a German aircraft worker, was servicing a tyre of an aircraft when the accident happened.

A nitrogen rig supplied by a British company was to blame for the accident. The nitrogen rig measured pressure in the tyre in BAR, rather than psi which is used internationally. Because of this the tyre was inflated to a pressure much too high – 14 times higher than recommended. This caused the tyre to explode, causing the man who was standing close at the time to sustain these serious injuries.

Airports can be extremely dangerous place to work, as this accident illustrates. There were over 1500 accidents involving airport staff reported to the Health and Safety Executive in 2010/12. Accidents involving manual handling are extremely prevalent in airports, amongst warehouse workers, as well as baggage handlers and maintenance workers. There is also the risk of employees sustaining injury from slips and trips, as well as accidents involving ladders and forklift trucks.

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Published: 8th August 2014