The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have released a new strategy (to build upon an already great health and safety record in the UK) to continuously help improve safety and ensure that risk is managed correctly in workplaces, leading to effective procedures being put in place to combat problems and improve innovation and increase productivity in businesses.

Although the health and safety record in Great Britain is good in comparison to other places in the world, more can be done to improve this further. The new strategy focuses on six main themes; acting together, tackling ill health, managing risk well, supporting smaller employers, keeping pace with change and sharing our success.

Acting together – this theme focuses on everyone taking responsibility for health and safety and it being an integral part of a workplace. In many businesses, health and safety is placed with an individual or specific part of an organisation. The HSE wants to broaden this and make more people aware of the importance of health and safety and managing risks to prevent accidents.

Tackling ill health – ill health in the workplace affects all sectors of the workforce and can cost businesses thousands of pounds each year. Having a greater awareness of workplace illness and how it can be prevented will increase workplace good health and improve health outcomes. This theme addresses early prevention of workplace illnesses, rather than tackling illnesses when they become a problem.

Managing risk well – the organisation and management of risk are essential to businesses. This should be an integral part of a workplace, and should be proportionate to the risks associated. Businesses are encouraged to share their good practices and the improved outcomes as a result of this, in order to demonstrate what a proportionate health and safety model resembles.

Supporting small employers – clarification needs to be made about what small businesses are required to do in relation to health and safety. Many larger businesses are already working alongside SMEs to improve their health and safety and cut down on complicated or expensive procedures. However, more needs to be done to identify what support can be put in place for small businesses so they can greater understand what they need to be doing to fulfil their obligations.

Keeping pace with change – as a country, we are leaders in tackling and anticipating the next steps in health and safety. Having the ability to look to the future and the knowledge to understand what risks may be present is essential to keeping workers safe in an ever changing world. The use of new technologies is also important in anticipating future challenges and applying solutions to combat these.

Sharing our success – sharing best practices and procedures worldwide can help promote health and safety procedures abroad. Whilst health and safety in the UK is already very good, we can still do a lot more to improve things further, and showing this continuous development to other countries is key to improving health and safety standards for everyone.

This new strategy should go some way to improving health and safety in Great Britain, and prevent people needlessly sustaining injuries and illnesses at work.

Claiming compensation after a workplace accident or illness

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