Employees that are involved in an accident at work due to their own behaviour may not be able to claim accident compensation if it can be shown that their employers took reasonable steps to prevent such accidents happening.

The Government is proposing further reforms to crack down on work accident compensation claims and make it even harder to claim compensation. Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has said that the British public are “too inclined to blame someone else” when they have been injured due to their own actions.

He commented on the proposed reforms saying, “It is about trying to restore common sense to situations which happen all too often and very seldom get to court – where somebody has an accident at work, it’s entirely their own fault, they have a perfectly reasonable employer who has the normal health and safety procedures in place but that person does something dumb, and sues the employer”.

However, it is feared that protecting employers further will make it even more difficult for people who have genuinely been injured in an accident at work, through no fault of their own, to claim the compensation they deserve. Currently, employers owe a duty of care to their employees to ensure they are protected from sustaining injuries whilst in the workplace. If an employer breaches this duty of care, and somebody gets hurt as a result, they can claim compensation. Employers also have a duty to ensure that their staff follow the correct safety procedures, to keep themselves and others safe.

Keeping people protected from an accident at work

Nicola Hughes, Head of Personal Injury at Freeclaim Solicitors, commented on the potential changes saying, “Common sense is already applied in personal injury claims and if someone has sustained injury whilst at work through no fault of their own, their employer should be held accountable. This is not only to compensate them for the pain and loss of earnings that may occur, but also to ensure workers are fully protected and to prevent similar accidents happening in the workplace in the future.”

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