The month of September is the Fork Lift Truck Association’s Safetember month, in which they run a campaign to highlight the dangers of forklift trucks and encourage safer working practices for forklift truck users in all workplaces.

The theme for 2017 is “You don’t walk away from a fork lift truck accident”, which aims to show how serious forklift truck accidents can be, as well as encouraging workers to report any accidents they may see in the workplace to improve safety.

At Freeclaim Solicitors, we have acted on behalf of Claimants who have been severely injured as a result of Fork Lift Truck accidents. Due to the nature of the equipment involved injuries can be life changing.

Top tips to avoid forklift truck accidents

We have some top safety tips for employers/employees when operating Fork Lift Trucks:

  • Up to date training should be provided to all FLT drivers.
  • Regular inspection and maintenance of Fork Lift Tucks is vital.
  • Designated walk-ways for employees should be in place around factories/warehouses to distinguish between areas FLT can be driven.
  • Speed should be kept to a minimum to reflect load and conditions.
  • Watch out for pedestrians and obstructions.
  • Always ensure loads are safely secure before proceeding.

Forklift truck accident case studies

Natasha Ulph, Associate Solicitor at Freeclaim, represented a client in respect of an accident at work involving a forklift truck.  Mr. M had parked his Forklift Truck, intending to alight when a colleague drove his forklift truck into collision with Mr. M’s vehicle, causing Mr. M to sustain serious injuries to his right dominant hand.  Mr. M’s employer admitted liability for the collision and settled the matter for £30,500.

In another ongoing case, our client was sitting in the driving seat of a stationary forklift truck as he waited for a colleague to attach a large piece of steel weighing approximately 2 tonnes to the front of the forklift truck with a sling. His colleague advised him that the piece of steel was properly attached to the truck. As our client proceeded to elevate the piece of steel with the forklift truck, the piece of steel twisted round and struck his right arm, causing him to sustain serious injury.

Specialist legal advice should be obtained if you have been involved in an accident involving a Forklift Truck. At Freeclaim Solicitors we can advise you on early rehabilitation and the merits of pursuing a claim for compensation.

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