All employers have a duty of care to keep employees safe when they’re at work. Not only does this mean providing the correct equipment and environment to undertake their job, but also identifying hazards and risks to avoid and reduce accidents at work occurring.

If your employer has failed to provide a safe working environment and you become injured as a result, you may be able to claim accident at work compensation. You cannot be fired for making a claim against your employer. Any compensation you receive will be paid by your employers’ insurers, so it will not be from their own pockets. All employers by law need to have insurance cover in place to protect both employers and employees should something go wrong.

In order to create a safe working environment, employers should consider several things, including:

  • Ensuring any buildings, warehouses, factories and other environments are in good repair.
  • Ensuring all work equipment is adequate for the job and is in good working order.
  • If any dangerous faults or defects are identified, they should work swiftly to fix these to reduce the risks of an accident.
  • If the environment is not on ground level, ensure adequate guards and railings are in place to prevent falls.
  • Keep doors, floors and corridors free from obstacles to avoid people tripping and falling.
  • In icy and snowy weather, ensure external areas are safe by gritting the area.

Other things to consider when creating a safe working environment can also include how well the area is lit, how safe it is to move around in and how comfortable the environment is.

Lighting – all work areas should be well lit, particularly in corridors and on stairs. There should be good levels of light at all workstations and glare should be avoided. Emergency lighting should also be provided and external areas should have lighting to guide pedestrians, particularly in car parks.

Accessibility – the floor space should be free from obstacles and hazards to ensure a safe passage through the area. Level floors should provide a smooth journey through the environment and hand rails should be provided on stairs and ramps. Stairs and floors should be managed to reduce the risk of slipping.

Working Conditions – working environments should be clean and tidy. Clean hot and cold running water and clean toilets should be provided. There should also be an area to eat meals and rest facilities. Working temperatures should also be considered so a reasonable temperature can be maintained.


Although these things should be considered by employers to create a safe working environment, these are just the basics. There are many other areas that employers need to consider to ensure that their workforce is kept safe.

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