The construction company Bouygues have been fined £175,000 following the death of a worker on one of their sites in Chelmsford, Essex. The accident happened due to a crane being used in inappropriate conditions.

Mr de Oliveira was working on the building site on a concrete structure of a building, when he was crushed to death between a beam and an adjacent tower. He was crushed because a crane’s brakes slipped and moved due to the speed of the wind. The crane should not have been in use in the conditions, as the wind speed was above 72km/h, over the crane’s safe working parameters.

Following a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigation, it was found that all the cranes on the site were fitted with a safety sensor that measured wind speeds. This information was fed back to a central office to be monitored. However, the wind speeds were not adequately monitored, meaning the cranes continued to be in use despite the dangerous wind speeds.

A HSE Inspector commented on the accident saying, “Lifting operations can be highly hazardous and the appropriate standards are clearly set out in both the regulations and industry guidance. There is no excuse to ignore them and I would urge all those undertaking such work to review the effectiveness of their controls to ensure safety on constructions sites”.

Construction site accident claims

The construction industry is the most dangerous sector to work in in the UK. In 2012/13 39 people were fatally injured whilst at work on a construction site. This is over 25% of the total number of fatal injuries reported. Due to the serious nature of construction site accidents, extra care should be taken by both employers and employees to avoid unnecessary risks. Full risk assessment should be carried out before any work begins, and ongoing health and safety procedures should be in place. Both employers and workers should ensure these procedures are followed to avoid accidents happening.

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Published: 19th March 2014