A company who makes webbing for seatbelts and harnesses has been fined after a worker sustained serious injuries to his arm when it got crushed in an unguarded machine. He has been left with life changing injuries including loss of muscle and nerve damage, resulting in lowered strength and feeling, as well as scarring.

The accident happened when the victim was trying to retrieve a piece of loose thread from inside the machine when it was still operating. One of the rollers dragged his arm into the machine, trapping it inside.

It was found that the machine was not guarded in any way, leaving the dangerous parts of the machine exposed to employees. There was a clear breach of care by the employers for not fully assessing the risks associated with the machinery, and taking adequate steps to prevent such an accident happening. The company were fined £35,000 and order to pay £5,257 in legal costs.

A Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Inspector commented on the case saying “The process of risk assessment is a vital process to allow a company to identify significant risk and ensure it is complying with the relevant statutory provisions. In this case the process of risk assessment was not suitable or sufficient and this, together with the company’s failure to heed warnings, has meant that a very obvious risk has been left to exist for many years. Preventing access to dangerous parts of machinery is long established and there are ample guidance and industry standards to allow dutyholders to achieve compliance with the law”.

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Published: 6th March 2014