A worker has been left with serious injuries after an accident at work at a wood machining company. The accident happened after splinters of wood escaped from a rip saw machine, imbedding themselves in the victim’s thigh and pelvic bone. Mr McNaughton has been left with permanent scarring and had to undergo extensive surgery to remove all the splinters.

A gap in the guarding of the machine had been previously raised and a deflector had been installed. However, the deflector only served to change the direction the splinters were ejected, rather than stop them getting through. As a result of this, a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigation found failings in the safety regulations at the wood machining company, and an assumption was made that had the machine been properly guarded after the first concerns were raised, the accident could have been prevented. The company has been fined, and a new machine has been installed that now complies with Health and Safety Standards.

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Published: 6th January 2014