A man who is suffering from industrial deafness after many years of exposure to loud noises at work has been awarded £8,500 in work related compensation. Mr Akers, aged 72, worked at a railway works for 17 years, and was exposed to the noise of nearly 300 machines operating at one time. The noise was made up of the machines hammering metal, thus creating a loud sound. No ear protectors were provided at the time, and no employees were made aware of the dangers to their hearing due to the noise they were being exposed to.

Employers have a duty of care to protect you from excessive noise in the workplace under the Noise at Work Regulations. If you are required to work where there are high levels of noise, employers should provide staff with protective ear wear and warn them of the dangers of being exposed to loud noises. If they fails to do this, and you suffer from industrial deafness as a result, you may be able to claim compensation. Industrial Deafness claims make up around 75% of all occupational disease claims in the UK.

Claiming Industrial Deafness Compensation

Industrial deafness occurs after prolonged exposure to loud noises whilst at work. It is quite often linked to the construction and manufacturing industries and jobs that require the use of heavy duty machinery. Many of the claims for industrial deafness can be from work related noise from many years before. As such, these claims can be complex and require expert legal advice.

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Published: 3rd February 2014