Over the past 4 years, teachers have successfully claimed around £40 million in accident at work compensation after sustaining injuries whilst at work. The recent figures were obtained from the three largest unions representing teachers in the UK.

The largest payout was for a teacher who was injured when the lift she was in dropped suddenly and she seriously injured her back. She received £500,000 in accident at work compensation. Another teacher was awarded nearly £315,000 after being injured when a pupil attacked her whilst she was breaking up a fight. She sustained injuries to her face, head, neck, arms and shoulders, and also developed post traumatic stress disorder. A further £110,000 was paid out to a teacher who dislocated her ankle when she stepped into a pothole that was not properly maintained within school grounds.

As well as these higher value claims there were also many more minor injuries sustained by teachers working in schools. The most common cause of injury was from slips, trips and falls on school premises.

General Secretary of the NASUWT commented on these successful claims for compensation saying, “The tragedy is that in most cases compensation would be unnecessary if employers followed good employment practice and followed health and safety procedures”.

As with any workplace, teachers should be kept safe from injury whilst at work. Any risks should be fully assessed, and safety measures introduced to decrease the dangers of accidents happening in our schools.

Accident at work compensation

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Published: 2nd May 2014