Salford council have been fined £20,000 following an accident at a school where a 6 year old boy lost the tips of three of his fingertips. The child, who has autism, was attending Springwood Special Education Needs Primary School, when his hand became trapped in a gate, resulting in the loss of the ends of his fingertips.

After the accident, a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Investigation found that a report from 2004 showed that there was a risk of children injuring themselves on the gate. Following this report nothing had been done to adequately guard the gate and avoid injury.

Staff at the school were advised to supervise children whilst they were going through the gate to decrease the risks of an accident happening. However, these preventative measures were not adequate to avoid this child sustaining injury. Rather than assessing the risks and advising staff to monitor children through the gate, the council should have installed safety guards to prevent the accident from happening.

A HSE Inspector commented after the investigation; “Teachers did their best to supervise children through the gates and follow the risk assessment to avoid fingers being trapped, but no action was taken by the council to prevent this from happening”.

Following this accident, Salford council have now undertaken the work needed to adequately guard all of the gates at the school, and are also looking into their health and safety procedures across the board.

Claiming compensation after an accident at school

Unfortunately, accidents in schools happen all too often. Whether it is a pupil attending the school, or a teacher or other employer, people are repeatedly put at risk of injury on school premises. If you, or a loved one has been injured whilst at school and it wasn’t your fault, you may be able to claim accident compensation.

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Published: 30th April 2014