Freeclaim Solicitors won a recent trial at court in a burns injury claim. Our client suffered burns to the toes on his left foot after his foot slipped underneath a steam outlet in a steam room. The steam outlet was positioned close to the door, low to the ground at foot height. The accident happened as our client moved to the side of the door of the steam room to allow access to other people.

Our expert injury claim solicitors argued that the steam outlet was unguarded and positioned in a dangerous place, given it’s proximity to the door. The Defendant tried to argue that thousands of people had passed the steam outlet when entering and exiting the steam room without sustaining injury, so there was no reasonably foreseeable risk of someone getting hurt.

At trial, the Judge considered the likelihood of the accident occurring, the severity of the injuries sustained and the steps that could have been taken to prevent the accident happening. As it would have been simple, cheap and easy to adequately guard the steam outlet to avoid the risk of injury, the Judge agreed with Freeclaim Solicitors and held that there was a breach of duty by the Defendants. He concluded that they should have reasonable predicted the risk of injury, and acted to prevent it happening. Our client was awarded £2,500 in accident compensation.

Michael Walker, Solicitor, had conduct of the injury claim throughout. After the trial, Michael commented, “This was a hard fought case on liability. The steam outlet which caused the painful burn injury to the client would not appear to be dangerous to the open eye, however, if the Defendant had adequately assessed the risk, they would have recognised that any potential injury could have been eliminated by installing a simple guard to protect against people coming into contact with the outlet. The client and myself were delighted that the Judge agreed with our interpretation that this nasty injury could easily have been avoided by the Defendant“.

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Published: 4th March 2014