At Freeclaim Solicitors we want to promote safety on our roads. Accidents involving cyclists can be devastating, causing serious, life-changing injuries. We all have a duty of care towards other road users and cyclists are amongst the most vulnerable user group.

If you are a cyclist, there are lots of places to gather advice about staying safe on the road including the Think! website. The Government’s own Highway Code for cycling can be found here

Drivers should also brush up on the Highway Code and how it applies to drivers. It has a section titled ‘Road Users requiring extra care’ and can be found here

Improving cyclist safety on our roads

Remember, the road is there for us all to use and we should remain considerate and thoughtful of one another to ensure our own and others’ safety.  We have compiled the information below as some general hints and tips for drivers and cyclists.

I’m a driver

  • First and foremost – look out for cyclists at all times whilst driving, but particularly when you are turning or manoeuvring.
  • Use your indicators, even if there are no other cars around. Cyclists, pedestrians and other road users rely on your indicators to know where you are going.
  • Overtake only when you are sure it’s safe. Don’t be tempted to ’squeeze past’ on bends or narrow lanes and make sure you give cyclists plenty of space – remember that cyclists may need to manoeuvre quickly around a hazard you can’t see, such as a pothole.
  • If you park on a road, always check for cyclists passing before you open your door. Serious accidents can occur when drivers open their doors onto cyclists who are passing them.
  • Be patient – a cyclist may delay you for a few minutes if you’re unable to pass them safely – but it’s only a few minutes compared to someone’s life.

I’m a cyclist

  • Make yourself visible to others – there are fantastic ranges of hi-vis clothing and reflective items available these days – be seen and be safe!
  • Ride with positivity and ride defensively if needs be. Ride away from the kerb and use clear arm signals to let other road users know your intentions.
  • Make eye contact where possible when stationary in traffic or when manoeuvring – this also allows you to ensure that other road users have seen you too.
  • ALWAYS use lights at night and when visibility is poor.
  • Look out for cars parking ahead and be aware that drivers may open the door of their vehicles.
  • If possible, avoid riding up the inside of long vehicles such as buses or lorries as you could be in their blind spot.
  • Wear a helmet – anything that protects your head, even in a small way, in the event of an accident is a good thing!
  • Obey the Highway Code – heed road signs and don’t antagonise other road users by running red lights for example.

With due care and attention, the road can be a safe environment for everyone to share. At Freeclaim Solicitors we have many staff who cycle – it is great for the environment, beats the traffic jams, saves money and is good for our health too. But likewise, we sadly handle many claims for compensation where cyclists have been involved in accidents. If you are injured in a cycling accident, get in touch with one of our expert personal injury solicitors today to see if you can make a claim for cycling compensation. Call us FREE, 24 hours a day on .