Each year, thousands of people are killed or seriously injured on Britain’s roads and any technology aimed at helping to prevent accidents should be applauded. But can technology be a hindrance rather than the safety measure it is intended to be?

Technology specialists Samsung have announced a new ‘safety truck’ which projects live video footage from a camera on the front of a HGV onto four rear-mounted screens which are displayed on the back. The theory being that motorists travelling behind a long vehicle can see what the traffic situation is in front of the truck before considering overtaking.

Super clever? Or overly distracting?

One of the most cataclysmic forms of road traffic accident occurs when a vehicle attempts to overtake a long truck when there is insufficient time and space to clear the vehicle before oncoming traffic passes. Would you trust your judgement based on a video image?

The technology is already attracting supporters and critics, with supporters citing improved visibility leading to fewer accidents on our roads as a major winner. But, the technology has also gained some sceptics who think that drivers could be distracted by watching the screen instead of paying attention to the road in general.

Having already trialled a prototype truck, Samsung believe that the technology works and that this design could save the lives of many motorists each year. The company plan to perform tests in order to comply with national protocols, which would lead to the necessary permits and approvals to build and run the fleet of see-through trucks.

See-through trucks to result in a decline in road traffic accidents

Freeclaim serious injury solicitor Sarah Moore, who has a vast amount of experience of handling road traffic accident claims, commented, “We think that any technology which could potentially reduce the number of road traffic accidents from occurring is a great thing and should be encouraged. Sadly, I have seen many cases where people have been involved in very serious accidents when they have tried to manoeuvre past a long vehicle. The view of the road is often obscured and judging safe distances can be difficult. I think that with due testing and approvals, this technology could be put to fantastic use.”
According to Government data, in 2014, car occupants accounted for 45 per cent of road deaths. This data also indicated that the majority of fatalities occurred on non-built-up roads (just over a half). Although motorways carry around 21 per cent of traffic, they only account for 5.4 per cent of fatalities and 4.7 per cent of injured casualties. This could be because there is more room to overtake on motorways and drivers do not need to consider oncoming traffic when they are overtaking. It is during overtaking on non-built up roads that the technology created by Samsung could really make a difference to accident statistics in the coming years, should it pass all relevant safety tests.

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