Pedestrians are extremely vulnerable road users. Due to the fact they have no protection around them, often pedestrian accidents result in serious, life-changing injuries and sometimes fatalities.

We can all do our bit to improve pedestrian safety and ensure all road users are better protected from injuries.

Make yourself visible

  • As the saying goes, “Be Safe Be Seen”.
  • Wearing bright, fluorescent clothing and reflective material can help drivers to see you, making them more cautious and helping to avoid collisions.
  • Make eye contact with drivers so you know they have seen you and are aware you are there.
  • Carry a torch if you know you will need to walk in the dark.
  • Try to stay in well-lit areas, particularly if you need to cross a road.
  • Don’t cross between parked cars or emerge from hedges and bushes.

Be alert and avoid distractions

  • In this day and age, there is a whole array of things that can distract you. Avoid using your mobile phone and remove headphones so that you can hear traffic.
  • Never cross a road on the signal of a driver. Check the road is safe yourself before proceeding as there may be another driver who has not seen you.
  • Always stay alert and look all around you for any dangers.

Follow the Green Cross Code

  • Always follow the rules of the Green Cross Code when crossing a road.
  • Although they are simple instructions, following them may save your life.

Walk in safe places

  • Make sure you use crossings where they are available.
  • Always use a footpath and if none are available, walk in to oncoming traffic.

The responsibility to try to stay safe on our roads doesn’t just fall with pedestrians. Drivers can also do things to improve road safety and avoid needless road traffic accidents from occurring.

Drivers should:

Be Alert – always look out for pedestrians and other vulnerable road users (such as bikers and cyclists) and be prepared to stop if necessary.

Follow the rules of the road – pay attention to road signs, particularly speed limits, and reduce your speed around schools and other areas with high numbers of pedestrians.

Never drink and drive – driving whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs considerably affects your driving ability. Reaction times are significantly slower, which could result in you being unable to stop if a pedestrian or other road user was suddenly in your path.


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