The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) wants to improve safety for young drivers by getting Government ministers to agree new safety procedures.

Young drivers are some of the most vulnerable users of our roads, with 1 in 5 being involved in a crash in the first six months after getting their license. In 2013, there were a total of 131 fatal accidents involving young drivers, and a further 1,159 serious injuries.

RoSPA have put forward several ideas to the Government which aim to improve young driver safety. These include:

  • Graduated driving licenses – which have a phased approach to young people who have passed their driving test.
  • Telematics – a black box system which is located in the car and tracks a driver’s speed and handling of the vehicle.

The charity wants the Government to agree to a Green Paper on young drivers to improve road safety and save thousands of young peoples’ lives.

Tom Mullarkey, Chief Executive of RoSPA said, “As part of our dedication to saving lives and reducing injuries, we are lobbying policy makers to commit to saving the lives of young drivers by publishing a Green Paper. Far too many young lives are being lost on our roads each year, so it is imperative that we take a more radical approach in order to reduce the number of casualties. We believe a comprehensive package of complementary measures is needed to improve the safety of some of our most vulnerable road users”.

Freeclaim Solicitors support this move by the RoSPA to improve road safety for young drivers. As specialist road accident compensation solicitors, we have seen how devastating accident involving young drivers can be. They have a huge effect not only on the victim’s lives, but also on their loved ones lives too.

Emma Greenhalgh, Head of the Road Accident Department at Freeclaim commented, “Something needs to be done to improve safety for young drivers. Gradual driving licenses are a great idea to help young people to learn to safely use our roads and gain more confidence in their skills. The better their understanding of handling a car and using the roads correctly, the more likely it is that the number of accidents will be reduced. We fully support the work done by RoSPA and other road safety charities”.

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