The charity Brake is launching a campaign to increase awareness about Road Safety from the 18th November – 22nd November 2013. Brake is a national and regional charity whose aim is to greater the public’s knowledge of road safety in the hope of stopping major road accidents and deaths on our roads. Their messages are relevant for all road users – cyclists, bikers, drivers, passengers and pedestrians. They also provide support for people who have been involved in road accidents.

Road Accidents – Tune In To Safety Messages

This year’s campaign is encouraging people to take the ‘Brake Pledge’ and “tune” into road safety by avoiding distractions. This pledge contains 6 main points to encourage people to drive safely on our roads and think of the people around us in an effort to reduce road accidents.

These points include:

  • Slowing down to stay under speed limits, and driving at 20mph around areas that are more at risk of accidents such as schools and shops
  • Staying sober and never drinking or taking drugs when driving
  • Ensuring everyone has a seat belt on when riding in a vehicle so that they are secure in case of an accident
  • Never taking calls on your mobile phone whilst driving or reading text messages
  • Making sure your sight is clear enough to see all hazards that may present themselves whilst driving, taking regular breaks and not driving whilst tired
  • Minimising the amount we drive by walking, cycling or using public transport as often as we can

Although these points may seem straight forward, there are still an alarming amount of accidents on our roads as a result of people not paying enough attention to what they are doing whilst they are behind the wheel. Road accidents can have catastrophic consequences for all people involved.

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