Between the 15th and 19th May, it is Walk to School Week. Organised by Living Streets, the week aims to encourage children to ditch the car or bus and walk to school.

Sometimes, children can forget the dangers of roads and how important it is to be fully aware of the surrounding area when crossing roads. The Green Cross Code sets out rules on how to safely cross a road. Although it can seem like basic information it is important to instil these behaviours into children to avoid serious pedestrian accidents.

The Green Cross Code

  • Find somewhere safe to cross
    • Try to find a suitable crossing such as a zebra, pelican, puffin or toucan crossing.
    • Always use subways, footbridges or islands where they are provided, even if it means a slight detour.
    • If there are no dedicated crossings, make sure you cross where you have a clear sight of the road and where drivers can easily see you.
    • Do not cross between parked cars where it can be avoided. Also, avoid crossing on sharp bends or near the top of a hill.
  • Stop before the kerb
    • Try to stay back from traffic and do not stand too close to the edge of the kerb.
    • Take the time to assess the traffic and make sure there is enough time to cross.
  • Look all around you and listen for traffic
    • Make sure you take a proper look around you, including for cars, motorbikes and cyclists.
    • Look in every direction so you have a clear understanding of the area.
    • Make sure you listen and remove headphones. You can sometimes hear traffic before you can see it.
  • If something is coming, wait for it to pass
    • Take one last look around to make sure nothing is coming.
    • Always make sure there is enough space and time for you to cross. If you are unsure, wait until the traffic has passed.
    • Remember, even if a vehicle looks like it is a long way away, it may be travelling at a fast speed and catch up quickly.
  • Walk straight across the road and do not run
    • Be aware of everything around you whilst you are crossing, just in case there is something you missed when looking.
    • Remember that motorbikes and cyclists can easily change lanes, so keep a keen eye on them.
    • Always cross in a straight line. Do not walk diagonally across the road.

Although parents do all that they can to keep their children safe, accidents can and do still happen.  Around 5,000 children under the age of 16 are killed or seriously injured in pedestrian accidents each year in the UK.

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