City Councils across the UK could face compensation claims if they don’t do more to improve the conditions of their roads.

Cycling is growing in popularity; both as a recreational sporting activity, as well as a greener way to travel. As road users become savvier about the effect that their cars have on the environment, an increasing number of commuters are turning to their bike as a cheap and green way to get to work.

However, cycling is not without danger. According to ROSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents), in 2013 19,438 cyclists were injured on the UK’s roads with 109 deaths recorded. Cyclists are clearly vulnerable road users when considering the other traffic sharing the road, but in addition, the state of the nation’s roads is also a cause of concern and accounts for many injuries each year.

Cyclist accidents and injuries

A recent example is Manchester cyclist Joseph Barry who sustained a facial injury which resulted in him needing stitches in his chin and above his eye following an accident caused by poor road surfaces. Mr Barry was cycling home from work when he rode into a pothole in Openshaw.

He said, “I’m really angry I’ve been left injured because the roads aren’t fit for purpose. I’ve nearly come off a few times before and there must be cyclists suffering injuries left, right and centre. I’ve been in touch with my solicitor because I don’t think it’s right.”

Greater Manchester is attempting to make the city more cycle friendly; in addition to a £20 million scheme to create a new 60km network of cycle routes, Greater Manchester’s 10 councils will receive £146,000 from central Government over the next six years to try and fix the potholes.

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