New technology could be introduced to block mobile phone signals when people are behind the wheel to stop illegal phone calls and texting whilst driving and reduce avoidable road traffic accidents.

Research has found around 31% of drivers admit to handling a mobile phone whilst driving, with 30,000 people being fined for using their phone illegally last year. With a further crackdown and stricter penalties now being introduced, this could be another step in the right direction to stop people getting distracted behind the wheel.

Transport ministers, car manufacturers and mobile phone companies are to meet to consider how mobile phone signals could be blocked to drivers to ensure they are not taking calls, checking texts or emails or looking at social media when they should be concentrating on the road.

Smartphone manufacturers are looking into the possibility of putting phones into ‘drive safe’ mode which has similar properties to ‘airplane mode’ used during flights and blocks phone signals. This mode would automatically be activated when someone begins to drive by technology installed in their cars.

We all know the dangers of becoming distracted whilst behind the wheel and the dire consequences this can have, whether it’s from using a mobile, talking to passengers or playing around with the radio. Blocking mobile phone signals would remove the temptation to quickly check your phone for messages whilst driving. Remember, it is also illegal to check your phone whilst you are sat in traffic, despite one in five drivers considering it safe to do so.

Victims’ Commissioner Baroness Newlove has recently commented, “It is time to make using a mobile phone while driving just as unacceptable as not wearing a seatbelt or drink-driving. We need better education and hard-hitting messages to ensure the next generation know what could happen.”

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