Wet leaves, icy roads, darker evenings, and cold harsh conditions are just a few of the dangers motorcyclists face over the winter months. Unfortunately, the Christmas period is a time where traffic accidents, and compensation claims, spike.

The weather, reduced visibility, drink drivers and impatient drivers, can all contribute to the high levels of accidents. Freeclaim Solicitors are offering a few tips for riders and vehicle drivers alike.

Keep your distance

As roads can be slippery due to the blistering cold and heavy rain in December, stopping distances are greatly reduced. Keep your distance from cars and other vehicles as a few extra metres in between yourself and another driver/rider may help save your life if they brake or skid without notice.

Wear high visibility gear

Darker nights and mornings contribute to accidents on our roads as visibility is extremely poor. To combat these poor conditions, a high-visibility vest over your leathers will help drivers see you better. They’re particularly cheap and easy to store too!

Take extra care when overtaking

Anticipate the actions of other drivers as much as possible, especially when overtaking or passing them on the motorway. Don’t sit in their blind spot for too long, especially if it is raining as they may not see you.

Be mindful of other traffic

Take a “lifesaver” glance over your shoulder before manoeuvring or changing lanes. Plus, if it’s raining heavily, you may not be able to hear other traffic approaching you from behind.

Reduce your speed

This should go without saying. Poor conditions on the road call for defensive driving. By slowing down in cold, wet and slippery conditions you increase your stopping time and give yourself more time to react if a car pulls out on you.

Sarah Moore, Solicitor and a member of the Serious Injury Team at Freeclaim Solicitors urges people to take extra care on our road this winter. “Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable users of our roads and we should all look out for one another. All drivers and road users should take extra care in difficult driving conditions. Just a little bit of extra care can go a long way and may help prevent a devastating road accident.”

Claiming Compensation After A Motorcycle Accident

Freeclaim Solicitors specialise in helping victims of road traffic accidents claim compensation and get access to the right treatment. We are recommended by the Legal 500 as a leading personal injury firm.

We have a dedicated team of road accident claims solicitors specialising in motorcycle accident claims, offering full support and expert advice throughout the entire process of your claim.

We’re open 24 hours a day across the festive period. Call our helpline free on 0800 612 7340.

Remember to be safe this Christmas and enjoy this special time of year.