The Government’s Department for Transport (DfT) has recently published statistics about motorcycling casualties. As would be expected, motorcyclists are amongst our most vulnerable road users and as personal injury solicitors with high levels of expertise in handling road traffic accident compensation claims, we see many cases where motorcyclists have suffered life changing injuries.

According to the DfT data, motorcyclists have the highest accident and injury rates per mile travelled of all road user groups. This is perhaps unsurprising as they are a popular mode of transport, but motorcycles do not offer the same protection as a car, where the passenger is effectively cocooned inside. Sadly, the risk of death following an accident is 78 times higher for motorcyclists than for a car occupant.

The data also indicates that despite rural roads only accounting for 40% of motorcycle traffic, they account for 68% of motorcyclist fatalities. Tight bends with adverse road camber, junctions, blind hills or hidden dips all pose particular risks for motorcyclists who can be difficult for other road users to spot compared to larger vehicles.

The good news is that the number of serious motorcycle casualties has been in decline since the 1980s, where there were over 20,000 serious injuries recorded. This figure fell sharply between 1983 and 1991 and since then the number of serious injuries has fluctuated between the 5-7000 levels.

The age of the rider is also a key factor in the number of motorcyclists killed or seriously injured (KSI). Motorcyclists under the age of 25 account for the majority of motorcyclists KSI at 33% in 2013.

A second peak in motorcyclists KSIs occurs for riders between the ages of 41 and 50, with this age group accounting for a further 20% of motorcyclists KSIs. Whilst younger riders are more likely to be riding less powerful bikes and victims of inexperience, the older age groups are much more likely to be riding more powerful motorbikes.

The DfT’s data also found that cars are by far the most likely vehicle to be involved in a motorcycle accident, which is perhaps not surprising given that they are the biggest road users. However, collisions with HGVs are most likely to cause a motorcyclist fatality.

The report is full of other statistics and makes for interesting reading for both motorcyclists and other road users alike. The full report can be found at with the Road accidents and safety statistics last updated in June 2015.

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