Wilmslow Road, running through Rusholme in Manchester, has been identified as one of the most dangerous roads for cyclists in Greater Manchester. The road, which is known as the Curry Mile, has witnessed the highest number of collisions with cyclists across the city.

A list compiled of Manchester’s most dangerous roads showed that junctions along Wilmslow Road held the top four positions on the list. Back in 2013, Manchester City Council drew up plans to introduce cycling lanes along the route, as well as traffic signals for cyclists. But sadly these are yet to have been implemented.

A cyclist who uses the route daily for his commute to work commented, “Many people avoid cycling on the main road because they do not feel safe. The current road design means you’re placing your safety in the hands of others including motorists who aren’t always aware and considerate.”

Manchester City Council have said that they are still looking at improving safety along this road, as well as many others across the city, to reduce the number of cycling accidents. Further research and expert advice is being sought to greater improve the chances of these accidents reducing in the future.

Leader of Manchester City Council, Sir Richard Leese, has commented, “We are aware that Wilmslow Road, as one of the most well-used cycle routes in the country, has seen a large number of accidents. That is why we have successfully applied for money from the Department of Transport to create major improvements on this road, as well Mosely Road and Wilbraham Road.”

Sarah Moore, Serious Injuries Solicitor at Freeclaim Solicitors said, “Although Manchester City Council is looking at improving the safety along Wilmslow Road, more needs to be done immediately to improve cyclists’ safety. The fact it holds the top four positions for the most dangerous roads speaks volumes. Changes need to be implemented quickly and efficiently to increase the safety along the road and reduce avoidable accidents. It is paramount that cyclists should feel safe on our roads and not run the risk of serious injury, or sadly sometimes even death, when cycling along busy junctions.”

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