Car insurance is once again on the rise, and many people are finding an increase in their premiums if they have been involved in an accident, even if it wasn’t their fault. Premiums are up by nearly 40 percent in some cases, even though the driver in question wasn’t to blame.

The consumer group Which? investigated insurance companies by obtaining quotes from some of the major companies across the UK. After declaring a minor scrape where the driver was blameless but had claimed on their insurance, premiums rose considerably.

Here are some of the findings from the research:

  • 39% increase from Esure from £612 to £849
  • 33% increase from More Than
  • 29% increase from Rias

Which? also altered the quote for repairs paid for by another party, and in this scenario 4 of the 12 insurers still increased their premiums, despite nothing having been paid out on the policy.

Marc Gander from the Consumer Action Group commented on these findings, “This is extraordinary and profoundly unfair. Why would the not-at-fault person bear any responsibility? These firms are not treating their customers fairly.”

There seems to be a misunderstanding between insurance companies and consumers as to what a ‘fault’ is classed as. Insurance companies class any damage to your car that they have to pay out for as a ‘fault’, regardless of whether you were to blame or not. Clearly, this is not a fair way of looking at premiums as it penalises those people who have done nothing wrong.

Insurance companies have also recently been ordered by City watchdog, the Financial Conduct Authority, to advise drivers of the increase in their premiums when they come to renewal. This is after years of the insurance companies making money off customers by increasing premiums year on year. This is also despite a decrease in the number of road traffic accident claims each year.

Insurance companies are still being accused of increasing profits rather than passing on any benefits to loyal customers.

Claiming road accident compensation

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