Freeclaim Solicitors have successfully claimed £162,000 in serious injury compensation for a client who was involved in a nasty road traffic accident whilst abroad.

Our client was a passenger in the car, travelling alongside her son on the backseat. She removed her seatbelt in order to feed her son when the accident happened. It is believed her husband who was driving the car momentarily fell asleep, causing him to collide with a barrier. Due the force of the impact, our client was thrown forward out of the vehicle and through the windshield.

She sustained multiple injuries in the collision including a fractured spine, several cuts to her head, haematoma to her liver and kidneys as well as an injury to her right arm and shoulder. Our client required several operations following the accident, including back reconstruction surgery. Following this surgery, she still continued to experience back pain. The injuries to her arm and shoulder also meant that she suffered from permanent reduced range of movements in her shoulder.

It was also noted by our client’s husband and her mother that following the accident, that she showed a noticeable change in her behaviour, becoming angry and frustrated and still suffering from headaches and memory loss. We therefore arranged for her to see a brain injury medical expert, who advised they believed she was suffering from a moderate to severe brain injury due to the cuts and bangs to the head she sustained in the accident.

As our client was not wearing her seatbelt at the time of the accident, it was argued that there was contributory negligence on her part. The claim therefore settled out of court on a 75/25 basis in the claimant’s favour. John Barstow from Freeclaim Solicitors, had conduct of the case throughout. He commented on the case saying. “I am delighted to have been able to help my client claim the level of compensation she deserved, despite there being contributory negligence. The injuries sustained were severe in nature, and as such the compensation awarded reflects this. I hope this will to a certain extent help her to rebuild her life and get the help and assistance she needs.”

At Freeclaim Solicitors, we have many years’ experience dealing with serious injury compensation claims, having successfully claimed millions of pounds in damage for our clients over the years. This experience means we have the expertise to deal with more complex and serious cases, which many other solicitors will not take on.

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