Freeclaim Solicitors is urging all victims of a road accidents to take legal advice from a qualified solicitor. There has been a continuing increase in insurance firms contacting accident victims, and even turning up at their homes, to try and persuade clients to settle directly without using a personal injury solicitor. This is called “third party capture”. Unfortunately, many clients are not confident in insisting on their right to a personal injury solicitor after an accident, which may be in their best interests to ensure they receive the appropriate amount of compensation.

Freeclaim Solicitors reported back in 2009 that all road accident victims should take advice, even if their injuries are relatively minor, as many claims were being under settled. Even with minor injuries, complications can develop long after the accident and therefore it is crucial to take advice from experienced solicitors. On average, personal injury clients get 2 – 3 times more compensation when they consult a solicitor (according to the Financial Services Authority).

The Law Society also launched a “Don’t get mugged by your insurer” campaign in the summer to highlight the key message to all victims of road accidents: “This campaign doesn’t pull any punches, but we need to make a clear message, see your solicitor, don’t accept the insurer’s first offer and don’t deal with claims management companies.”

Our road accident team would always advise that you don’t accept an offer that’s made directly to you by the insurance company as you may end up accepting a much lower level of compensation. Depending on your injuries, we would advise that you get a full medical assessment as this will confirm your injuries and any ongoing problems.

Freeclaim Solicitors will be able to advise you on If you’ve been injured as a passenger or a driver in a car accident or other road accident. We have a dedicated road accident team who can advise you as to whether you have a claim and discuss how much compensation you may receive for your injuries.

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