Fatal car accidents where mobile phones have played a part in the cause of the accident have increased by nearly 30% from 2012-13.

A report has revealed there was an increase from 17 in 2012 to 22 in 2013 in the number of fatal accidents in which mobile phones were deemed to have been a contributing factor in the accidents. As well as this increase, there has also been an increase in the number of all accidents due to the use of mobile phones whilst behind the wheel from 378 to 422.

The AA has reported that people still regularly use their mobile phones whilst driving as they are not afraid of getting caught. Using a hand held phone whilst driving is illegal and can lead to three points on your license, as well as a fine of up to £1,000. The ongoing breaking of the law has resulted in more people getting increasingly angry at drivers using their mobile phone and getting away with it.

It has been found that around one in ten drivers have flashed their lights, beeped their horns or used gestures towards others drivers who have been using their mobile phone whilst driving.

Mark Grist, a Solicitor at Freeclaim who specialises in road traffic accidents commented, “It seems that people are becoming frustrated at drivers who constantly break the law and use hand held phones or text whilst they are behind the wheel. There needs to be a nationwide clampdown on these drivers and people need to learn that it is not acceptable to lose your concentration whilst driving by taking a phone call or checking messages. This loss of concentration can have serious implications, and can even end up causing a fatal car accident. We need to drum it into people that using mobile phones whilst driving is extremely dangerous and people need to stop now.”

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