In a move to try and make vehicles safer, the European Commission have released a list of 19 safety technologies that may have to be introduced to new vehicles in an update to the EU vehicle safety rules in a bid to reduce road traffic accidents and save lives.

Many vehicles already have many of these safety features included, however, this review may make these added extras mandatory to all new vehicles. These include such things as automated emergency braking (AEB), intelligent speed assistance (ISA), compulsory seatbelt reminders for all seats in a vehicle and lane departure warning systems on trucks and buses.

The benefit of these ‘life-saving’ technologies could have a huge impact on the number of road traffic accidents that occur across the EU every year. All of the changes will be put under a full review to check the costs and benefits of including these on new vehicles.

The main aim of this report is to help prevent road accidents and decrease the number of road victims.

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