A report published by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has highlighted the extent of excessive speeding in the UK during the past 12 months, with 5 drivers caught speeding above 100mph in 30 or 40mph zones.

The IAM’s primary aim is to encourage safer driving practices across the UK through training and education. The charity, which has been working towards safer roads for 60 years, made a Freedom of Information request to every police force in the country, asking for details of their top five speeding cases captured on safety cameras from 1 January 2015 to 30 January 2016. 38 of a total 44 police forces provided data.

The worst recorded cases saw drivers risking their lives, and the lives of others by hitting speeds in excess of 100mph in speed restricted zones, including:

A663 Broadway, Manchester (speed limit 40mph)

Speed recorded: 113mph

A638 York Road, Doncaster (speed limit 40mph)

Speed recorded: 109mph

A56 Chester Road, Stretford (speed limit 30mph)

Speed recorded: 106mph

A6102 Prince of Wales Road, Sheffield (speed limit 40mph)

Speed recorded: 103mph

A6102 Prince of Wales Road, Sheffield (speed limit 40mph)

Speed recorded: 102mph

These shocking statistics demonstrate the extent of speeding on our roads. It is vital that people fully understand the implications of driving at excessive speeds. For example, a vehicle travelling at 30 mph would travel around 13 metres a second. However, at 100mph a vehicle would travel 45 metres every second, with a stopping distance of around 182 meters.

Taken into context of speeding in 30-40mph speed zones, which are often urban, residential areas, 182 meters is a very long distance for drivers to stop safely and avoid accidents.

The IAM states that at 100mph, “Seeing someone step out into the road, a driver would cover 30 metres in the time it takes to lift his foot from the accelerator and depress the brake pedal. That is if they have a reaction time of 0.6 of a second. The average driver would be much slower than that to react.”  The implications of this are very clear, by driving at excessive speed you are greatly increasing the risk to yourself and others of having a very serious collision.

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