Each year many cyclists are injured whilst out cycling due to the danger of potholes and the unacceptable state of our roads.

For many years, the government have not put aside enough funds to adequately repair and maintain our roads, and it looks like the problems could get worse. The Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance Survey estimates it could cost £11.8 million to repair the current potholes reported on our roads and take a staggering 14 years to fix.

Despite this, the Local Government Association has stated that the government is planning to invest £1.1 million per mile of motorway and trunk roads and £27,000 per mile of local roads. In the UK, motorways and trunk roads only make up 3% of the road network, with the remaining 97% made up of local roads.

With the release of these figures, it seems like the problem of potholes on our roads is here to stay. But what can cyclists do to better protect themselves from injury?

  • Try to avoid puddles and standing water as they may be hiding a pothole.
  • Keep an eye on the road in front of you to identify potholes and hazards early so that you can adjust your riding in a smooth manner.
  • Ensure your bike is in good working order. This included ensuring the tyres are at the correct pressure. The wrong pressure could result in damage should you hit a pothole.
  • Always make sure you wear a helmet. Even a small bump to the head can have serious consequences and a helmet can help minimise injury.
  • Adopt a riding position with your arms bent and shoulders relaxed and always be ready to react.
  • If you see a particularly dangerous pothole, report it to your council. You can also do this online at fillthathole.org.uk

If you do find yourself injured whilst out cycling, whether due to a pothole or other driver or road user, it is important you speak to a reputable personal injury solicitor who can advise you on making a claim.

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