Cycling accidents can have serious consequences and can often result in death or serious injury to the rider. Figures released by the Department of Transport show there was a 10% increase in the total number of deaths of cyclists on our roads between 2011 and 2012. There was also an increase of 4% of those who sustained serious injuries, from 3,085 to 3,222.

Around 19,000 cyclists are killed or injured every year nationally in the UK. 80% of these accidents happen in daylight when most cycling takes place. Most accidents happen in urban areas, accounting for approximately 75% of fatal or serious cycling accidents. The most common vehicles involved in cycling accidents are cars and taxis, but HGVs also pose a big threat to cyclists on our roads, with around 20% of cyclist fatalities in London resulting from an accident with a HGV.

At Freeclaim Solicitors, we see the results of cycling accidents on a day to day basis, and know how distressing they can be for all those involved. Emma Greenhalgh, head of the road traffic accident department at Freeclaim commented saying, “Cycling accidents can result in some of the most severe and serious injuries we see here at Freeclaim Solicitors. It is important that drivers of vehicles and cyclists alike learn to use our roads alongside one another, and take responsibility for their actions on our roads”.

It is not only important for drivers of vehicles to take care when sharing the road with cyclists, but for cyclists themselves to take precautions to keep themselves safe on our roads. There are several tips that can be followed to increase cyclist’s safety on our roads including:

• Wearing the correct safety gear – wear helmets and reflective clothes to improve safety and visibility. Always ensure lights are used when cycling at night.
• Observe the law for cyclists – do not cycle on pavements or go the wrong way up a one way street. Ensure you always stop at red lights.
• Do not veer in and out of parked cars – keep in a straight line a door width away from parked cars.
• Stay well back from HGVs – do not try to pass a HGV to the left at a junction.
• Do not use mobile phones or ear phones – always give the road your upmost attention.

Although all road users want to avoid any accidents, they inevitably do still happen. After an accident it can be a difficult time to come to terms with your injuries and get your life back on track. Freeclaim Solicitors could help you if you have been involved in a cycling accident. We are specialist road accident solicitors who could not only help you receive the compensation you deserve following an accident, but also arrange rehabilitation to help you recover from your injuries.

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